Kids in Distress (KID) focuses everything we do on the preservation of the family and the development of children’s services to help prevent the abuse and neglect of children while providing safe, nurturing environments for their development. Each year, our services touch the lives of more than 7,000 children, and offer a broad spectrum of programs covering abuse and neglect prevention, family preservation, and treatment for abused and neglected children.

Abuse & Neglect Prevention

It is our ultimate goal to prevent child abuse and neglect before it ever happens. We do this through our Healthy Start and Healthy Families programs designed for families “at-risk” for abuse and neglect - prenatally, or at birth. Our assistance provides a foundation to ensure the healthy growth and development of more than 650 children annually in safe and stable homes.

Our Preschool Plus program offers children (6 weeks to 5 years) with developmental delays, acting-out behavior and/or other special needs a highly structured, full preschool curriculum aimed at preparing them to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

After School and Summer Camp programs provide enrichment activities for at-risk children (5-12) which help them to improve their social skills, physical development, nutritional health and academic and creative abilities.

Family Preservation

KID Family Preservation programs are offered to those families identified as being at-risk for abuse or neglect. Our family counselors and support team go into the home to provide intense interventional therapies to help those families overcome the adversity they are facing. Each year these services help more than 2,500 children and their families by alleviating stress and focusing on building a natural support system within the home and the community. Programs like KID First and Kinship Support are designed to improve economic self-sufficiency; discourage corporal punishment and other forms of violence, and help families access healthcare, childcare, job training and family planning.

Additionally, our Family Preservation programs offer clinical support services ranging from individual, family and group therapy, assessments, adoption support and family reunification services and supervised and therapeutic visitation.

Abused and Neglected Child Treatment

When abused or neglected, children are removed from their own homes for their well-being and safety. KID offers these children a safe haven as they transition to safer, more nurturing home environments. KID cares for approximately 200 children (birth-age 15) in our Shelter annulay and also offers a Foster Care Program which places children in safe, caring home environments while they await final placement or adoption, depending on the legal outcome of their cases.

Caring for the Children and the Families Who Need Us.

The Family Service Counselors and Child and Family Therapists who work at KID are the heart and soul of each of these programs and provide the compassion, love and support to care for the children and families of our communities.

If you’re interested in putting your skills to work for an organization that truly makes a difference in the lives of others, apply to become a KID team member today.